Bio-based TPE and PP compounds

FKuR introduces new bio-based styrenic thermoplastic elastomers and polypropylene compounds The product characteristics of the newly developed bio-based TPE and PP (Terralene® PP) compounds correspond largely or entirely to those of their petrochemical counterparts, hence, they can substitute them in existing markets and open up new perspectives. With Terraprene®, FKuR has brought new TPE-S grades[…]

Fakuma 2015 in Friedrichshafen

FKuR Polymers exhibited at the Fakuma 2015 in Friedrichshafen FKuR Polymers took part as exhibitor during the Fakuma 2015 in Friedrichshafen to publicly present the product portfolio focussing on the modification of polyolefins and thermoplastic elastomers. Christian Dohmen, Managing Director of FKuR Polymers GmbH says: „A large number of visitors came to our booth to[…]

FKuR Polymers at Fakuma 2015: Compounding company puts customer solutions at the center of its activities

FKuR Polymers GmbH is a plastics compounding company that puts highly flexible solutions to individual customer requests at the center of its activities. The product portfolio focuses on the modification of polyolefins and thermoplastic elastomers. While a series of standard compounds are continuously available, customized solutions are of primary importance to the company. The production[…]

FKuR Polymers auf der Fakuma 2015: Neu gegründeter Compoundierer stellt Kundennutzen in den Mittelpunkt

Die FKuR Polymers GmbH ist ein im August 2015 gegründetes Kunststoff-Compoundierunternehmen, das hoch flexibles Reagieren auf individuelle Kundenanforderungen in den Mittelpunkt seiner Tätigkeit stellt. Das Produktportfolio fokussiert sich auf Modifikationen von Polyolefinen sowie thermoplastischen Elastomeren. Dabei stehen kundenspezifische Lösungen im Vordergrund, während zugleich eine Reihe von Standard-Compounds kontinuierlich verfügbar ist. Für die Produktion wird FKuR[…]

MACOPRENE S Compounds added to the portfolio

MACOPRENE S FKuR Polymers has recently added various MACOPRENE S Compounds to its portfolio. MACOPRENE S Compounds are thermoplastic elastomers based on styrene block copolymers (TPE-S). These compounds are characterized by their excellent processing properties and a good balance between flexibility and strength in combination with high heat resistance, flame resistance or reduced odor. Surface character, mold release or flow[…]

MACOLEN PP Compounds added to the portfolio

MACOLEN PP FKuR Polymers has recently added various MACOLEN PP Compounds to its portfolio. Based on quality virgin resins Polymaco produces unfilled or mineral filled MACOLEN PP compounds for many uses in the plastic industry, e.g. soundproofing or with improved tribological properties. MACOLEN PP product line contains unfilled, talc or glass fiber reinforced, elastomer modified and electrically conductive compounds.