Terraprene® bio-based TPE compounds

Terraprene® filled with woodfiber

Terraprene® filled with woodfiber

Bio-based TPE compounds are the newest member in the FKuR TPE family.

Customers are more conscious about environmental frirendly solutions, therefore the industry is demanding more sustainable solutions. Consequently FKuR Polymers is able offer thermoplastic elastomer compounds based on bio based sources. Bio-based TPE help to decrease the dependency on limited fossil ressources.

The Terraprene® family includes compounds from hardnesses 20 Shore A to 40 Shore D and up to 90% of bio-based content. In addition they can be easily coloured and for a more natural look they can be filled with organic fibers like wood or cork.

The mechanical and physical properties of our bio-based compounds are close to TPE compounds based on fossil sources.



Terraprene® compounds can be used in various applications for example in soft-touch handles, toys, tools or sports equipment. As a result it can be used as sustainable replacement for PVC as well.


Fits to your desire

Our compounds can be easily adjusted to fit exactly to your needs

  • Hardness
  • Percentage of renewable content
  • Colour
  • Filled or unfilled (mineral or natural filler)
  • Stabilisation (UV resistence)

In the chart below you can see the achievable bio-based content compared to the Shore hardness:


Grade Overview

Grade Shore Hardness Bio-based Content
Terraprene® Bio SI 9120A  20 A  45%
Terraprene® Bio SI 9260A C10  60 A  65% 10% corkfiber
Terraprene® Bio SI 9380A W30  80 A  74% 30% woodfiber

Also other Bio-TPE Compounds are available upon request and can be tailor-made to your demand.